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A recognized thought leader on the just transition to a cleaner energy future; critical minerals and the energy transition; and the innovation imperative for mining

Peter speaks on these topics extensively at leading conferences and for organizations, most recently speaking at COP26, the 2024 and 2023 Future Minerals Forum (FMF) in Saudi Arabia, IMARC 2022 and 2023 in Sydney, and CERAWeek 2022. He spoke at the Baker Hughes 2020 Annual Energy Forward Meeting, and keynoted the New Zealand Prime Minister’s 2019 Just Transition to Net Zero Emissions Summit.

About Peter

Peter is the Board Chair of Clareo, a firm that provides expert advice to the mining and energy sectors, and Co-Founder and Board Chair of the Development Partner Institute, a nonprofit focused on improved social, economic, and environmental outcomes for communities from resource development projects. He sits on the Board of Advisors for two leading VC Funds, Chrysalix and Foundamental, along with various emerging tech companies, including Lilac Solutions, Symboticware, and Safe.AI. In addition, he has served on the Innovation Councils for multiple mining and energy companies.

He has advised many leading companies around the world, including Anglo American, BHP, Rio Tinto, Teck Resources, JCI, BP, GE O&G, Baker Hughes, Castrol, Edison International, and Goldcorp. He is an invited participant in the joint Rockefeller Foundation and Brookings Institute 17 Rooms program, focused on accelerating the 17 UN-established Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). He is also a regular advisor and participant at the Future Mineral Forum’s Ministerial Roundtable. Peter co-authored The Growth Champions –The Battle for Sustained Innovation Leadership, published in 2012.

Peter’s opinion pieces have been published in the Journal of Petroleum TechnologyMining Global, and Chief Executive, and he is often quoted in the Wall Street Journal. He has also been interviewed by Bloomberg and CNBC Arabia.

Peter immigrated to the U.S. in 1996, from New Zealand by way of Australia. He currently lives in Southern California and has two daughters, one completing her Masters at SMU and the other a senior in high school. You can read his recent personal features in VoyageLA and Kia Ora Magazine.

Peter holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration from Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand. He holds a CA from the NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He is a co-founder of The World Innovation Network (formerly The Kellogg Innovation Network).

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Growth Champions

The Battle for Sustained Innovation Leadership

Growth Champions looks at 20 leading global organizations and identifies the key elements that drive their success. These growth champions include such companies as PepsiCo, Apple, Rolls Royce, Google, Audi, and P&G. While many share some common traits, they all take different paths to growth using different formulas to achieve it. Here, you’ll learn how they formulate and execute strategies, motivate and engage people, build a growth culture, and develop and use distinctive competencies to stay ahead of the pack.

Writings & Talks

The energy transition has created increased downstream demand for transparency and assurances around the provenance of minerals. Saudi Arabia has the opportunity and ability to hone in on solving the traceability challenges in commodities by leveraging its resources to create innovative new partnerships and pilots, becoming the “Green Exchange” of the future for the super region (Africa, Middle East and central Asia).

Peter gave a Keynote Address at IMARC 2023: Turbocharging investment to catalyze and accelerate the innovation necessary for mining to support societal goals.

Peter explains why a threatening ‘minerals famine’ can endanger technological and environmental progress

Is this mining’s most exciting decade? Peter addresses attendees with a keynote on Day 2 of MICA 2023.

Peter Bryant, Mark Cutifani and Florence Drummond talk frankly about what’s really needed for mining to transform to support a more equitable energy transition.

Industry leaders share their opinions and ideas on overcoming investment and trust challenges that plague the mining sector.

Peter and Peru’s former Minister for Resources discuss the path for Peru to take advantage of its only copper opportunity.

Peter’s keynote on the just transition to a cleaner energy future.

Peter Bryant , speaks with Mining Journal in this three-part video series about transforming the mining industry.

With a wave of fresh capital and startups from outside of the mining ecosystem comes opportunity, but also risk. 2023 could be the year that mining innovation changes for good.

The Future Minerals Forum showcases the rapidly changing face of Saudi Arabia’s mining sector. Clareo was one of four content partners. Peter published a whitepaper for the FMF, and addressed attendees.

An insightful conversation with Peter around the key challenges and opportunities for the mining industry to support the energy transition, and Clareo’s partnership with FMF.

If mineral extraction and processing continue using current methods, we will fall far short of the needs and demands – both environmental and social – of the downstream, consumer-facing sectors.

This is an innovation and engagement challenge at its core, and it requires an entire value chain perspective and multi-stakeholder/owner collaboration. No single player or sector in the value chain can affect this kind of transformation.

Peter and Mark Robinson debate how we can do better at responsible sourcing and measuring ESG outcomes across the mining value chain

Mining has long suffered from the perception that it is a purely extractive industry, exploits the communities that companies operate in, and is slow to the uptake when it comes to innovation and new technologies.

In recent years, we’ve seen the emergence of new initiatives to change that perception, increase trust between communities, companies, and governments, and investment in innovation to create prosperity beyond the life of the mine. As it stands now, mining has a unique opportunity to act as a catalyst for industrialization.

Peter appeals to present and future engineers to use their innovative ideas to tackle climate change

Peter and Carly Leonida discuss the elephant in the room – the lack of understanding that the deployment of technologies like EVs or solar is totally dependent upon metals..

Peter comments on the ground-breaking national summit “It is a bold step for New Zealand, and for any country, to attempt to address its energy future. But the necessary—and often overlooked—step is gathering stakeholders from all parts of the country to begin the conversation.”

Peter’s opinion is quoted in ‘Activist wins Exxon Board seats after questioning oil giants climate strategy’ article.

Interview with Arcelor Mittal Mining’s CEO on the Challenges and Opportunities of bringing together stakeholders from the entire mining ecosystem.

Reaching ESG goals while achieving prosperity- a community perspective with indigenous leaders from Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Peter speaks on innovation and digital transformation and what success looks like.

The mining industry could strike gold with automation

Navigating the energy transition with Shell USA CEO.

Elevating Innovation Performance.

Changing minings business model- how will mining look in 10 years?

Can ESG reporting software help miners clean up their act?

Miners need to transform- but will complacency and short-termism win out?

The implications of the shift to a materials-dependent energy system.



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